Fox News Won’t Air O’Keefe Videos

Bret Baier had egg on his face last night.

The Fox News host of Special Report was scheduled to cover Project Veritas’s newest work at 6 pm yesterday.

The video, which showed #DisruptJ20 activists planning to set off Butyric Acid bombs at the “Deploraball” that is taking place at the National Press Club building this week.

It was also rumored that both Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson were considering airing the undercover footage.

But at the last minute, Fox News turned tail and refused to air the footage . . . as has happened time and time again under the direction of Fox Corporate.

Despite having a representative of #DisruptJ20 on Fox & Friends recently, James O’Keefe has not appeared on Fox News in recent memory . . . only his work on occasion.

Despite the alt-left’s claims that Project Veritas and O’Keefe “selectively edit” the videos, the group’s record is extraordinarily sound . . . arguably better than the corporate media.

When pressed on Twitter as to why Baier pulled the coverage by James O’Keefe himself, the Fox News host did at least respond saying:

Why is it that Fox News will cover nearly any other story and even have guests on from an organization that was caught planning a terrorist act, yet they won’t air legitimate and proven footage from the nations’ premier undercover journalist?

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