Facebook Bans Conservative Feminist Group Over Transgender Views

Facebook Ban
Go to Facebook Jail!

Facebook has banned a conservative feminist group… for, apparently, daring to question the left’s rigid pro-transgender policies.

Over the weekend, Facebook allegedly blocked links to the Women’s Place UK website–declaring that the content was “malicious” and that it would negatively effect the users’ “safety.”

Links were restored several hours later, after a number of Facebook users complained they were unable to access the site.

“It is tedious and it just wears you down,” said co-founder of Women’s Place UK, Kiri Tunks. I don’t think anyone thinks that Facebook are going to ban us long term because we are clearly not a malicious hate group, but that constant battering is meant to make us give up and go away – but that’s not going to happen.”

“I think social media can really be used as a force for good, but we have to train those who control it to do so in a democratic way,” Tunks added.

She continued, “We are just a group of individuals who are slightly concerned that women are not being allowed to meet up and discuss proposed legislation. We know that is not right.”

Tunks added that Women’s Place UK has had trouble off-line too, with liberals picketing their events in an effort to stop them from meeting. They’ve even been the recipient of at least two bomb threats.

“Every event we have put on has been attacked in some way,” said Tunks. “Venues get so harassed that in the end they turn around and say they know there isn’t a problem with us but it’s just too much hassle for them. Which effectively shuts women’s voices down and that has just got to be wrong.

“The idea that in 2018 women wanting to meet to discuss their rights under the law should have to get police protection is ludicrous,” she added.

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