Dolt .45: Name Jeb Bush’s Gun

Dolt .45

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is finally getting some attention.

After openly expressing his frustration with voters and their lack of enthusiasm for his campaign, a firestorm ignited over a simple post on Twitter.

Here it is:

‘Merica baby, ‘Merica. Jeb(!) had just made a stop at a firearms factory and was given an engraved handgun . . . admittedly it was Bush’s first firearm. The candidate allowed a picture of the minty-fresh .45 to go up on Twitter and everyone from Michael Moore to Edward Snowden is throwing a hissy-fit. They’ve even given the scandal a name . . . “Dolt. 45” Here’s a few of the hissies throwing a fit:

On that note, and in honor of Michael Moore, a reader who shares this publicly on Facebook and names the make and model of Jeb Bush’s handgun in the form below will be entered to win a handgun of their own! Winner will be selected on March 1, 2016.

    [The Winner will be responsible for abiding by their local and state firearms laws and the firearm prize will be shipped to the winner’s preferred FFL. No purchase necessary, just share this article on Facebook and  properly name the make and model of the above firearm in the form above.]