Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Film Hits A Wall

Bored Audience
yet another enthralled audience... thanks Michael Moore!

Michael Moore has a history of making movies that dive deep into controversial topics, that’s why his new movie is hitting a wall at the box office.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has a new movie attacking Donald Trump titled Fahrenheit 11/9. After opening weekend and finishing 8th, it is clear that Moore has lost his touch.

Moore’s movies have always pushed the boundaries with films like Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko and Capitalism: A Love Story. The problem with his latest film is that it is another anit-Trump film. It is the second one he has made in two years.

The film Michael Moore in TrumpLand was released for a limited engagement just a few weeks prior the 2016 presidential election. All his previous movies had a liberal slant, but were varied in topics.

People like going to movies to be distracted and escape real life, but Moore has found success in the past by making interesting films about topics people don’t talk about too often. The topic of President Trump is constant. The news is constantly covering Trump’s every tweet. Making fun of Trump seems to be about a third of the jokes for Saturday Night Live. Making a movie on why Trump is bad just seems redundant and audiences agree.

Bowling for Columbine grossed $21 million in 2002. Sicko grossed over $24 million in 2007 and Moore saw tremendous success with Fahrenheit 9/11 that brought in almost $120 million. See all box office totals here.

Moore tried to capture the magic of Fahrenheit 9/11 and titled his new movie Fahrenheit 11/9 in reference to the day Trump was elected. Comparing Trump’s win to 9/11 didn’t work.

The new movie grossed just over $3 million over the past weekend and isn’t expected to exceed $9 million when all is said and done.

Maybe Michael should stick to what he does best, making liberal movies about unique topics and leave the Trump bashing to the corporate media.

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