Did The Clinton Foundation Just Get Hacked Too?

clinton foundation

First it was Hillary’s home servers, then the DNC got hacked and now it looks like the Clinton Foundation has had a serious breach.

The charitable organization founded by Bill and Hillary Clinton just hired a major security firm to help identify who possibly hacked their system.

FireEye is the company that the Clinton Foundation has hired to look into signs that the organization was hacked and what information was stolen.

There have been many leaked documents from the home server and the DNC, but nothing has surfaced from the Clinton Foundation yet.

We have seen people be fired from the DNC and Hillary has taken some serious heat regarding her handling of her server during the presidential race. What will this do?

The breach has not been confirmed by either the foundation or Clinton campaign, nor have they commented on the recent reports.

Some close to the event say that the hackers used a “spear phishing” technique to create bogus emails and websites to get employees to click and allowing the hackers access.

A U.S. official that is remaining anonymous said that the techniques used in this hack seem similar to the ones on the DNC that was blamed on the Russians.

The Russians have denied the claims from the DNC that their system was hacked by Russia.

WikiLeaks founder suggested a man named Seth Rich did the DNC hack from the inside. Seth Rich was found dead a month ago in a park in DC, shot twice in the back.

As of right now, we don’t know who did the hacks on Hillary’s server, the DNC and now the Clinton Foundation, but we do know that Hillary is nervous and hiring one of the best firms in the world to figure it out.

Who do you think hacked the Clinton Foundation and what do you think they found? Let us know in the comments below.

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