Dems To Return Franken’s Fundraising Contributions

Al Franken
♫ Should he stay, or should he go?♫

Josh Hawley, sitting attorney general in Missouri, has again made a public call for Sen. Al Franken’s resignation, following sexual harassment accusations by six different women, and undeniable photographic evidence as well. Hawley has also asked the Democrats to return the money received from the Senator.

Hawley asked Dem. Sen. Claire McCaskill to return the amount raised by Franken’s Fundraiser and to call for Franken’s resignation as well as an investigation into the groping allegations against him.

Following the allegations, McCaskill has called Franken’s behavior “completely unacceptable”. “Comedy is no excuse for inappropriate conduct, and I believe there should be an ethics investigation,” said McCaskill.

Heeding the demand, McCaskill has already returned $30,000 received from Franken’s Midwest Values PAC. However, she has not called for his resignation despite the rising number of victims coming forward with accusations of unwanted sexual advances.

Hawley’s spokesperson, Scott Paradise, said that McCaskill proudly introduced Franken at a Democrat fundraiser just two weeks before the series of allegations began. Franken was also the keynote speaker at the event and McCaskill accepted his money while praising his generosity, “Don’t mistake his wit and humor as any substitute for his heart. He agreed to come to Missouri tonight to help us, but he also agreed to work all day long helping us raise money for our campaign, crisscrossing the state. We had a very successful day of fundraising for the campaign, because of this man.”

Besides the amount provided by Franken, Hawley is also calling for the return of each and every penny raised with Franken’s help. Furthermore, his campaign also calls for the return of the money received from Garrison Keillor, a radio host and a Democratic supporter who continued defending Franken until he was fired for inappropriate behavior last week.

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