Dems To Campaign Against Tax Cuts, In November

Tax Cuts
They think this is a 'winning' strategy? Are they nuts?

A nationwide digital ad campaign is being launched by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) to advertise the incredible benefits of Trump’s tax reforms. The ads highlight Democratic opposition to the highly successful legislation.

Democrats, wish to repeal nearly half of the historic tax cut – especially those portions that help the “rich.”

Speaking on their ongoing Tax reform repeal effort, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said, “we should repeal it and I think we should offer an alternative tax plan, which is we’re going to provide the tax relief to the middle class and the working class.”

However, Republican media efforts are already in place to fight against this narrative. “I would welcome Democrats running for election based on, ‘Let us slow down the American economy, raise taxes and make sure people’s paychecks are stagnant for another decade,’ ” said Kevin Brady (R-Texas), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, earlier this week to the reporters. “That would be a terrible campaign theme for them to run on, but I welcome them to do it,” he added.

A few of these ads for the digital campaign launched by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) last for 6 seconds and the other ads last for 15 seconds. These 6 to 15 second-ads will be featured on YouTube and Facebook in ten states where President Donald Trump won the 2016 elections and the democratic officials will be standing up for re-elections. Those ads will also be run in Arizona and Nevada.

“Instead of fighting to help middle-class families, Senate Democrats are doing everything they can to repeal the tax cuts to appease their radical base and out of touch leadership,” said Katie Martin, an NRSC communications director.

“By promising to repeal the tax cuts, Democrats are making it clear they would rather take money out of Americans’ pockets than give them the financial relief they need and deserve,” added the NRSC communications director.


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