Democrats Taking a Page From Stalin’s Playbook

Before I get to the Democratic game plan, as coordinated by the bullies of the Democratic Party, I need to say a quick “I told you so.”

I’ve reported in many of my recent columns on the violence and mass shootings in Democratic-controlled cities. Chicago is always Exhibit A. Over the past three weekends in Chicago: 48 shot, nine killed; 59 shot, seven killed; and then, this past weekend, 47 shot, five killed. Democrats are in charge. There is strict gun control.

How come places with Democrats in charge and strict gun control suffer mass shootings every weekend? How come the liberal media never cover it? Sorry, I don’t want gun control. Guns aren’t the problem.

Now to a disturbing pattern I’ve uncovered. I’ve pieced together the game plan of the Democratic Party. It’s evil. It’s Stalinesque. It’s about fear, intimidation, bullying and persecution.

Let’s go back to 2012, with Mitt Romney running for president. Because I had been Barack Obama’s biggest critic on Fox News, I had attracted Obama’s attention. So, the Obama administration’s IRS attacked me in a way you might expect only in a Nazi or Soviet Communist police state. They tried to destroy and silence me.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. I went on national TV and radio, day and night, to report Obama’s IRS crimes of targeting, intimidation and persecution. I reminded Americans that the Nixon articles of impeachment included the exact same crimes.

Suddenly, I started to get a blizzard of emails from strangers across America. They all had the same story. They’d never been audited by the IRS. But once they had made a large donation to the GOP or Romney, within weeks, they received an IRS audit notice.

Without money, the GOP starves, Democrats win elections, and Democrats control America — a scary and evil strategy, but brilliant and effective.

Fast-forward to today. Democrats no longer control the IRS. So, they’ve switched tactics but have the exact same goal. Now, they find GOP donor lists and simply release their names and contact info on Twitter, so mentally ill liberal lone wolves or members of radical, extremist antifa groups can go to the homes and businesses of GOP donors to scream obscenities, threaten lives, damage property or organize boycotts.

This is not done in secret by anonymous liberal activists but in public by famous Democratic politicians, including members of Congress such as Rep. Joaquin Castro, whose brother is running for president. Rep. Rashida Tlaib even tweeted out her support for this evil and dangerous tactic.

Saul Alinsky said: “Look in the mirror. Whatever you see, blame the other guy.” The left screams “Nazi” because they see Nazis in the mirror. They want to instill fear in the American people. They want to intimidate potential GOP donors. They want to make it dangerous and frightening to write a check to President Trump. They want to ban, bully, censor and silence conservatives.

Same game, different tactics — to win elections by cheating, bullying, intimidating and making it dangerous to publicly support Trump or the GOP.

Democrats are taking a page from the Stalin playbook.