Democrats Nominate Wife Beater For Minnesota Attorney General

Keith Ellison
What if he WINS!?!?!

Is the #MeToo movement officially over?

Last night, Democrats in Minnesota nominated Rep. Keith Ellison–who has been accused of domestic violence by at least two women–for the state’s Attorney General office.

Ellison–who also serves as the deputy director of the Democratic National Committee, and was the first Muslim to be elected to Congress–has denied the allegations.

It’s impossible to know how much the allegations hurt Ellison’s campaign, because the news didn’t break until Saturday night–after more than 100,000 early votes had already been cast.

Ellison was accused on Saturday night of abusing his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, by Monahan’s son. Ms. Monahan herself confirmed that the abuse took place, and that she had video evidence to back her story–which she has, thus far, refused to release.

Another allegation came from Ellison’s ex-mistress, Amy Alexander, who sought a restraining order in 2006.

Ellison had been the favorite to win a contentious Democratic primary, and managed to come out ahead on Tuesday. But the allegations could ultimately keep him out of office in the general election–and, with competitive Senate and Governor races in the purple-ish state, it could have major implications.

The allegations could also cost Ellison his job as the second-in-command of the Democratic Party: the DNC has issued a statement, more than three days after the allegations first broke, to confirm that they’re reviewing the abuse claims. They have not yet suspended Ellison from his duties.

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