Dem Slanders FFC Chairman Ajit Pai Over Hurricane Recovery

Ajit Pai
He seems really bothered by the slander hurled at him...

Federal Communications Commission (FFC) Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, attempted to smear Republican FFC Chairman Ajit Pai’s effort to restore network capability in place devastated by hurricane Irma.

Rosenworcel accused Pai of not working hard enough to contribute towards recovery after the destructive Harvey, Irma and Maria. Rosenworcel believe that since the FCC hasn’t scheduled field hearing about the state of network access, it is a sign that dirty politics are afoot. However – unsurprisingly – it is the democrat that is slinging lies and misinformation for political ends (any time a democrat opens its mouth, this tends to happen).

This disgruntled partisan FFC commissioner tweeted, “After Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy @FCC held hearings to address network recovery,” and added, “Why won’t agency do it for Harvey, Irma & Maria?” She continued, clarifying, “I believe you don’t pull together a report with only the information you amass from sitting in front of your keyboard. You get out [and conduct field hearings].”

In a statement, she described exactly what she wanted the FCC to do, “This agency should hold hearings in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico—where we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis impacting more than 3 million American citizens—as soon as feasible.”

A source from the FCC called out on Rosenworcel for “politicizing” the hurricanes and stated, “For some, politicizing the hurricanes might be expedient. But it’s distasteful and remarkably tone deaf.”

“There is an active relief and recovery effort underway, and a field hearing at this time would serve as a major distraction,” the FFC agent added.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Ajit Pai has been actively involved in the hurricane recovery effort, and has been busy briefing and coordinating with carriers and telecoms from affected districts. Pai, highlighting his efforts stated, “Over the weekend, I spoke with most of the CEOs or representatives of the largest national carriers serving Puerto Rico, as well as Open Mobile, a provider of wireless services in Puerto Rico, and Claro (or the Puerto Rico Telephone Company).”

Pai continued, “In those conversations, I made clear that the FCC stands ready to do whatever we can to assist these companies in restoring communications throughout the island.”

He also triumphantly announced, “We’ve gotten some results already; for example, we helped ensure that much-needed generators and critical equipment made their way to Open Mobile, the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, and other communications providers.”

It seems that, in the midst of hurricane recovery, Democrat Rosenworcel is doing nothing but begging to be taken on a little field trip to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, no matter how disruptive such a delegation would be to recovery efforts.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.