Cyber Monday Still Tax Free in 2014

Looking for great deals for Cyber Monday?  Walmart and Amazon are the places to go, but before you shop, take a moment to reflect on the Internet backbone that you use to get those great deals.

No, your Cyber Monday purchases are not tax free, however if President Obama and the Federal Communications Commission get their way, you’ll have to pay an extra tax in your Internet bill thanks to new Net Neutrality rules that kick in with new legislation.

In 2015, your Cyber Monday shopping will very likely come with a new “poll tax” that Obama’s administration thinks is necessary to convert the Internet into a public utility.

For online shoppers in 20 states, this new Internet Tax will be in addition to their state’s sales tax.

For those Cyber Monday shoppers in the 30 other states, their online shopping will remain a tax-haven — at least until the FCC takes action.

In the meantime, take advantage of some of those great deals in 2014. Here are just a few:

Happy shopping  . . . for now.