Cut Taxes for the Little Guy, Mr. President

The timing is perfect. I wrote a few weeks ago recommending a Trump version of the Green New Deal. Except President Donald Trump’s Green New Deal would not be about green energy or global warming. It would be about the “green” that most Americans care about: money.

Americans are overtaxed and can’t keep up with the heavy federal tax burden. In short, Mr. President, “the taxes are too damn high.” The little guy needs and deserves the same break you gave to American businesses. Now is the perfect time to make the announcement.

Gallup polling announced this week that not only is Trump’s approval rating at an all-time high, his poll numbers are higher than Barack Obama’s were at the same time in his presidency.

Mr. President, you are the most popular you’ve ever been. In Vegas casino terms, you have a bankroll of goodwill. It’s time to strike while the iron is hot. The Trump economy is booming.

The Trump Miracle not only keeps going, it’s accelerating. GDP is flying. Jobs are flying. Wages are flying. Mr. President, you accomplished all of this by dramatically cutting corporate taxes. We got bonuses, wage hikes, increased spending and millions of new jobs. All of that led to increased consumer spending and 3% GDP. Brilliant.

But the perception is — whether true or not — that you left the little guy out of the party. The American people want a tax cut, too. You gained popularity because average taxpayers kept an extra $200 per month in their pockets, so think how wildly popular you’d be if they kept $1,000 per month in their pockets.

It’s time to announce a Trump Green New Deal that will dramatically cut tax rates across the board for individuals. Drop the top rate from 38% to 28% for households with incomes below $650,000. Cut middle-class rates even more dramatically. And then the Trump economy will match the Reagan economy, too. Instead of 3% GDP, we’ll hit 7.3%, as Reagan did in 1984.

If you make the Trump Green New Deal a central theme of your reelection campaign, you’ll win an electoral landslide and win the popular vote convincingly, too. Don’t listen to the “experts.” They are usually wrong.

If it worked like a charm for the economy when you cut taxes for big business, it will work twice as well when you give the little guy a break. You can keep this Trump Miracle going for another decade with individual tax cuts.

And ignore the naysayers who claim we don’t have the money. According to Democrats and their presidential candidates, there’s plenty of money available to give away “free stuff.” But no money to allow the heroes of America — small-business owners, entrepreneurs and working men and women who pay into the system — to keep more of their own money? I call bull.

Go ahead, Mr. President. Be bold. Announce the Trump Green New Deal. Instead of killing cows, you’ll be putting a steak in every pot. And you’ll be guaranteed a landslide reelection.