Connecticut School Calls Police Over Lego Gun

Playing Legos
High-capacity assault toys!

A student made a gun out of Legos at a Connecticut elementary school—and the schools called the cops.

According to local news outlet FOX61, police were called to Jepsen Magnet School in New Haven by school administrators after a student “made the gun and started pointing it at the other kids.”

The student has not been identified.

Will Clark, COO of New Haven Public Schools, confirmed In a statement that police had in fact been called to Jepsen over a bunch of Legos.

“School leaders and local police partners were able to investigate and resolve the issue internally with use of restorative practices,” Clark said, in a statement.

“Appropriate steps were taken at the school level to insure the safety of all students and to impress upon the students the seriousness of engaging in positive peer interactions while avoiding conduct that may pose risk or concern to others,” he added. “All children need to feel safe and secure within the learning environment and we all have a role to play to make that happen.”

Neither the school nor the police have released any further details about why police were called over a kid making a toy gun out of Legos.