Caught on Tape: Voter Fraud in New Hampshire

Filmmaker James O’Keefe headed back to New Hampshire on Tuesday to see how the new Voter ID in the state have worked to curb voter fraud.

In 2012, O’Keefe, through his organization Project Veritas, caught rampant voter fraud taking place in the state.

The result of his investigation led to a new Voter ID law . . . and James was threatened with arrest by New Hampshire’s Attorney General.

The result of the changes in law? Not much.

Voter fraud is still easy to commit thanks to the help of polling place volunteers.

One voting official even offered his personal address to a fraudulent voter to allow her to vote in the primary.

The video released on Wednesday catches voter fraud in the act and this time, instead of threatening James with arrest, the NH Attorney General has launched an official investigation.

Watch the video above and comment below. Most importantly, stay tuned for more as O’Keefe always releases his videos one-by-one with each one revealing more than the previous release.