Cashing in on the Inauguration

A quick search of Washington D.C.’s Craigslist shows a strong availability of Inauguration Tickets . . . if you’re willing fork over $350 or more per ticket.

The tickets, which are not supposed to be sold, are being given away for free, if you purchase a more expensive item such as a $400 map.

The sales scheme is similar to the sale of Marijuana in the District. While selling marijuana is still illegal in D.C., if may be given away with no legal consequences. So if you purchase a $200 t-shirt, it will come with a bag of pot.

How did these Craigslist dwellers get the tickets?

For free from their members of Congress.

Since the election, any American could contact their Congressional representative and request tickets and they are provided at no cost and based upon availability.

These folks got out early and snagged armfuls of invites only to do exactly what they are not supposed to do, and turn around and profit off of them.

Capitalism in the works.

While the tickets are pricey, they are available to anyone who needs a last minute pass, which is a convenient, free-market alternative for procrastinators.