Brit Kills Three ISIS With One Shot While Other Brits Take Too Many


When America was attacked on 9/11 the Brits vowed to stand with us. Even today they are still fighting with us, but some have forgotten what it all means.

The British are possibly our greatest allies and one of their snipers proved why we are happy they are on our side. This is an amazing story.

We are just learning that a British sniper serving with America to stop ISIS killed an executioner and two other radical jihadists that were moments away from burning about 12 hostages alive in a cage.

The shot pierced the fuel tank on the flamethrower that one of the most notorious and hated executioners in the Middle East was wearing.

The tank exploded and killed the executioner and two other ISIS members that were standing close to the man about to film the killing of 12 innocents.

One of the most amazing parts of this story is the distance at which the sniper pulled off the shot. The soldier was able to kill three ISIS members with a single bullet from over a mile away. An impressive shot by any standards.

It was fitting that the news of the sniper kill was released on September 11th.

Brits have been fighting with us since day one and we are happy to have them on our side.

Some people from England don’t really care about 9/11 though.

Some disrespectful Brits brought an inflatable girlfriend to take pictures with at Ground Zero while being obviously drunk.

Britain is a lot like us; we have wonderful soldiers and we both have some people who are just disrespectful.

Here is a great example.