Amazing Video: Little Girl Rescued After 15 Hours


A violent earthquake rocked Italy early Wednesday morning, but the heroic effort of many saved the life of one little girl and it was all caught on video.

At 3:36am a 6.2-magnitude earthquake shook the rural town of Accumoli and over 240 people have been confirmed killed.

The tragedy left parts of the city completely in rubble as the city slept in their homes.

One little girl was asleep in her bed when the quake hit, and she woke buried under the debris of what used to be her house.

The young Italian girl was trapped for over 15 hours, but rescue workers and villagers found her and dug her out.

The amazing moment they pulled her out of the rubble was caught on video.

This little girl is safe, but hundreds have lost their lives.

In tragedies like this, we often see the best of human behavior. When we are hit the hardest, humanity rises up and helps each other.

Right now, there are a lot of people in Italy that needs help.

Keep the people of this small Italian town in your prayers.