Human Bones Found At Vatican Embassy

Pope Francis
How many of the centuries-old conspiracy theories are TRUE?

The Vatican embassy in Italy uncovered human bones during a renovation to the grounds on Halloween and more remains were discovered this week.

Local authorities were called and coroner Giovanni Arcudi said that the bones were from a woman who was likely in her 30’s. The coroner said the bones were “not an adolescent,” after some speculation that the bones could have been the remains of Emanuela Orlandi.

Orlandi was the daughter of a Vatican employee who disappeared in1983 and the cause of international attention 35 years ago. There has been a lot of speculation about Emanuela’s disappearance and connection to the assassination of Pope John Paul. Some even think that the 15-year-old Orlandi was held against her will at the embassy.

The Orlandi family is waiting for DNA results according to the family’s lawyer, Laura Sgro.

Finding human bones on the grounds of a Vatican embassy is another damaging scandal for the church. This year the church has already found itself in the middle of a massive child sex-abuse scandal that continues to grow.

The Catholic Church is in a very challenging time, and it is only getting more difficult with so many bones in the closet… or in this case, buried at an Embassy.

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