Alex Jones Banned From Facebook

*laughs in robot*

Alex Jones, host of the alternative news Infowars, just had four of his most followed pages banned by Facebook.

Alex and his team at Info Wars saw the Alex Jones Channel page, the Alex Jones page, the Infowars page and the Infowars Nightly news page removed for “repeated violations of community standards”, according to Facebook.

Facebook isn’t the only one cracking down. Apple has now removed Jones from the entire Apple podcast directory. Spotify also removed every episode of the Alex Jones Show.

Alex has been talking conspiracies and alternative theories for quite some time, but the backlash right now seems to be stemming from a legal battle between Alex Jones and two Sandy Hook families suing Jones in Texas.

The families claim they have been subject to harassment over Alex Jones pushing the theory that the killings in Sandy Hook were a hoax.

Facebook, Spotify and Apple have removed the controversial host, but his channel is still up on YouTube, Twitter and other larger social platforms.

Alex Jones has not published a response to the recent moves by Facebook and Apple, but he discussed other censorship last week.

Jones says that it is the “establishment” making a move to limit free speech in America. Others say that he is inciting violence by sharing “fake news”. Regardless of how you feel about Alex Jones, you won’t be seeing him on Facebook.

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Connor A. Houston is a 2015 graduate of Liberty University Helms School of Government, rower, cellist, and a Research Fellow at Frontiers of Freedom. The opinions expressed are his own.