Al Sharpton Back In Ferguson To Start Trouble


One year ago today, a young man named Mike Brown robbed a convenient store and was stopped by a police officer shortly after the crime. What happened next left “Big Mike” dead and ruined a police officer’s life. There was no winner that tragic day.

The death and controversy surrounding the officer’s actions sparked national debate about police and race relations, but also fueled a rage in Ferguson. Riots, looting and fires engulfed the community.

Al Sharpton was one of the first and foremost people fanning the flames. Promoting his National Action Network didn’t help the situation.

Many firmly believe that Sharpton was there to benefit himself and not Michael Brown or his family.

James O’Keefe reported for Project Veritas that Sharpton was in it for the money. O’Keefe released the viral underground video with the family of Eric Garner and community members in Ferguson talking about why Sharpton was in their town.

One year later, after the Justice Department and a grand jury said that there was not enough evidence to charge the officer in the shooting of Michael Brown, guess who is back in Ferguson?

Despite extremely volatile racial relations between police and their communities all though the United States, Al Sharpton decided to head back to Ferguson to get back in the spotlight.

Al Sharpton is in Ferguson Missouri for the anniversary of Michael Brown’s tragic death to declare, “As of today, no justice has been served in regards to this case.”

Al Sharpton is simply causing trouble. He clearly doesn’t believe the old adage, “the best way to avoid being hit by a car is to not walk in the street.”

Going back to Ferguson and declaring that the fight is not over and that there is no justice is just another attempt to raise money and raise awareness for Al Sharpton.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.