BREAKING: James O’Keefe Exposes The Deep State

“Resist everything?” Those are the words of Stuart Karaffa, a federal employee for the State Department in an undercover video provided by Project Veritas.

The incredible new video is the first in a series called, Deep State Unmasked. A series that O’Keefe promises will expose the true dealings and tactics of the Deep State members.

In the first video, we see Karaffa explaining how he does work for the Democratic Socialists of America during an average workday. It’s shocking to see this taxpayer-funded employee getting paid to work on things clearly partisan.

Watch the full video above;

Whenever James O’Keefe and Project Veritas release a new video, the liberal media like to question James’ reputation and his tactics. CNN for one was exposed in last year’s American Pravda series.

As James points out in a speech last week, he’s not the one you need to trust. He uses undercover video to record people saying what they believe in their own words. You don’t have to trust James.

The new video series on the Deep State could expose to the masses a level of un-elected government that make decisions for the people. A group in politics that most people don’t think is real. O’Keefe’s work proves the deep state is real and they are working inside our government to steer America towards what they think is the right path.

Check back as we continue to follow this story.

What are your thoughts on the Deep State? Are you looking forward to future videos in the “Deep State Unmasked” series from Project Veritas?

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