The Zombie Apocalypse is Real for Preppers and You

For fans of The Walking Dead, scenes of zombies roaming the countryside are what one imagines when they think of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Rotting “walkers” roaming aimlessly until they hear the fumbling of a live human, then they go in for the feast.

Yes, it’s science fiction.

Reality is far worse.

The Welfare State is what smart preppers worry about.

Since 1935, a growing population of Americans have become accustomed to the government taking care of them.

When personal or national disasters strike, the federal or local government is there to bail out just about anyone. Recipients are handed EBT cards, spending cash and even Obamaphones.

What happens when the government cannot or will not provide for those who cannot provide for themselves?

Anarchy . . . and not in a good way.

In 2011, 49% of Americans received some type of government assistance. Thanks to Obamacare, that number is now up to 52%.

Many of those are retirees on Social Security and taking back the money they earned (less a good portion to the government).

The “zombies” that smart preppers (and you) should worry about are the 20% of American households on government welfare.

Recent history has provided the real examples of what happens when government cannot keep up with needs.

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, 200,000 evacuees swamped Houston. The Results? Homicides increased 23%.

However, in New Orleans, crime dropped a whopping 68%.

According to Census data, the city also lost 29% percent of its residents – most of them poor residents as only a quarter of low-income housing remained after the storm.

The lack of low-income housing led to a 35.2% increase in New Orleans’ median household income.

Many of Katrina’s evacuees were accustomed to government assistance. Many others were simply unprepared – like many of us would expectedly be.

The result was the same for both the “Welfare Zombies” and the unprepared – they traveled to other cities to make use of their available government resources or, in the best case scenario, the kindness of their families.

Preppers prep expecting a Katrina-like event in their community or even on a national scale.

If the past serves are our crystal ball to gauge human behavior when self-reliance is a necessity, the “have nots” i.e. zombies, will take from the haves . . . i.e. you and your family.

Is a large event catastrophic event likely? Who knows. But given the growing financial burden of Welfare State, a tipping point is on the horizon.

Are you prepared or will you be a zombie?

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.