You’ll Never Guess What A Michigan University Is Using To Arm Teachers

Carry Weapon
If you bring one of these to a gun fight...

Teachers at a Oakland university in Michigan are going on the offensive against possible active shooters with the most unlikely weapon.

In Michigan, home of cold winters and pond hockey, the faculty at one school has decided to arm themselves with hockey pucks to fight any armed active shooter. Don’t worry, you read that right. The teachers are using hockey pucks.

The pucks are not the stun grenades that are used in “Ocean’s 11”, but actual hockey pucks.

In a discussion about active shooters, school officials asked what students and faculty could arm themselves to help stop a possible active shooter. The chief of the Oakland University Police said, “recalled once being struck in the head with a puck and said it ’caused a fair amount of damage to me’.”

The school spent $2,500 on hockey pucks and has now distributed them to staff and some students. When asked about the plan, Gordon said, “It was not a well-thought-out strategy. It was a spur-of-the-moment-thing that had merit to it and kind of caught on.”

Gordon went on to say that, “empower faculty and students to have a plan to have something to defend themselves rather than just freezing in place.”

There is no report on the teachers receiving training on throwing, and the question still remains, “what happens if you miss?”

Teachers are still taught to run first, hide second, and if that doesn’t work then throw your hockey puck. Although the idea of stopping an active shooter with a hockey puck is just slightly ridiculous, the training awareness is where the real benefit occurs.

Even the most skeptical teachers have signed up for the program and are now carrying hockey pucks.

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