You’d Never Expect What The Mexican Drug Cartel Just Stole


Earlier this month, a truck departed the U.S. Logistics Center in Brownsville, Texas, on its way to resupply U.S. Consulates located in Monterrey and Guadalajara, Mexico – but it never arrived.

Instead, the truck was intercepted by armed hijackers that law enforcement on both sides of the border believed to be members of a violent Mexican Gulf Cartels – one of many involved in drug trafficking, human trafficking, extortion, gun running, identity theft, kidnapping, robberies and other crimes.

And this was no ordinary resupply truck. Rather, the embassy bound truck was carrying 11,500 border crossing cards and non-immigrant temporary visas that allow Mexican nationals to easily cross back and forth over the border for business and pleasure reasons.

The U.S. government had assigned the visas to pre-screened and approved recipients in Mexico.

But now that 11,500 border-crossing cards are now in the hands of the cartel, they will likely be used by cartel members themselves or sold to people looking for a way to cross the border into the United States without notice.

According to Breitbart, the Gulf Cartel was heavily involved in facilitating the massive surge across the border by illegal immigrants last year and purportedly earned roughly $38 million in just a few short months for its efforts.

U.S. consular officials claimed they had flagged the stolen cards acknowledging that criminal elements could use the cards could to cross the border illegally.

That’s not all. The thieves could also smuggle the cards back into the United States where cartel members and illegal immigrants already there could use them for identification purposes.

Law enforcement has discounted the “identification theory” because identification cards for illegal immigrants to remain in the United States indefinitely have been available from the Obama administration for years just for the asking.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, almost one million illegal aliens have received work permits under the Obama administration from 2009 to 2014.

470,000 of these work permits went to illegal immigrants who overstayed tourist visas while 532,000 work permits went to foreign students who may not have had their enrollment in an accredited college or university verified.

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