You Think Chicago Streets Are Dangerous, Check Out China


In America when a fight breaks out, it is normally a group of guys throwing punches that rarely land and a lot of trash talking. That’s not the case in China.

Amazing video has surfaced on the Internet that shows a street fight happening in China with bulldozers. That’s right, bulldozers.

It is unclear what started the fight, but six different men driving heavy machinery decided to go at it.

What happened next you have to see to believe.

A bulldozer fight is not something you see every day. If you watch the video you can see a couple black cars get out of the way as the carnage starts to pick up.

The dozer brawl has already received over a million views so this may be the start of a new trend.

Next you will see Dozer Brawls at the next Monster Truck Rally you go to. One can only wish!