Yet Another Terrorist Found On U.S. Soil


Federal authorities released earlier this month that a 19 year old boy in Pennsylvania pledged allegiance to ISIS.

He had used social media to spread propaganda supporting the Islamic State and materials confiscated from his home suggested that he, Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz, was up to more than just retweeting anti-American sentiments.

Among the items found at Aziz’ home was a “go bag” containing a loaded high-capacity magazine, a thumb drive, a modified kitchen knife, a tin filled with medicine, and a face mask bearing striking resemblance to the ones worn by ISIS.

Federal authorities believe that he may have been plotting an attack. The criminal complaint can be quoted as saying that Aziz may have been, “preparing to conduct or assist others in conducting an attack in the United States”.

Aziz used 57 different Twitter accounts to advocate for violence against American military and citizens, and to disseminate ISIS propaganda. All of which were traced back to his parents’ home, where he lived. Each time one account was suspended, he made another.

He was also connected to trying to aid others with travel to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. Aziz even promoted himself as someone who could arrange travel, “on behalf of ISIL”.

Aziz has been arrested and charged with two counts of attempting to provide material support to terrorists.

The craziest part? The Harrisburg Mayor, Eric Pepenfuse told media outlets that the city was aware of Aziz! He stated, “at no point was public safety in jeopardy”. What?! Good thing the feds stepped in.

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