Wow! Voters Would Rather Cut off a Toe than Do This . . .

Last week, we asked readers a truly ridiculous question.

We asked them to take the question seriously despite the absurdity and the results are in.

The questions asked:

“Would you rather . . . Grab a pair of garden sheers, cut off your left pinky toe and wear it around your neck for the next four years” or “Vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

We felt that despite the question and political slant of Liberty News Now readers, at least some would cherish the full functionality of their feet over a vote for Hillary, we were wrong.

100% of voters chose to dismember themselves.

Not a single vote was cast to vote for the former secretary of state.

The editors of Liberty News Now had planned on a follow-up poll to increase the pain factor, but the results are undeniable: voters who cherish liberty will have nothing to do with the former first lady regardless of the amount of personal pain involved.