Wow! Trump Did It. What Now?


Donald Trump has won the election and made history, but now he has to govern, so what’s next?

After the corporate media picked up their jaws on Tuesday night as Trump won Florida and started marching to victory, they realized that a Trump presidency is a real thing.

It took a long time, and a lot of fighting to get to this point and almost nobody thought Trump could actually win, but he did.

Now it is time to fix the divide in this country, but after the divisive campaign that both candidates ran, can the new president elect do it?

If his acceptance speech is any indication of his direction, then his focus is on healing the divide.

Now is the time for Trump to put his words into action. He was humble and gracious in his acceptance and showed a side of himself we haven’t seen too often.

This is our president elect, but there are a lot of people who compare him to Hitler and are really scared for their future.

This is the time for Trump and his supporters to show the most ardent detractors that the media has them wrong and Trump is for all Americans.

If Trump fans are bad sports and run out and gloat or worse, say racist stuff and post hateful pictures on social media, then it is only going to make Trump’s job harder.

Be respectful and understand that this is a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow and it will take time. Don’t add to the trouble by being a sore winner.

Trump is off to a good start, but now the president elect has a lot of hearts and minds to change, and so do his fans.

Congratulations to Donald Trump. It was a hard fought battle.

What do you think Trump has to do next? Let us know in the comments below.