Woman Lights Herself On Fire In Democrats Office


Chicago is a rough town, but nobody expected this to happen inside of a congressman’s office.

A Chicago woman set herself on fire this week as she walked into U.S. Rep. Danny Davis’ office.

A woman entered the office and spoke with the staff for a moment before she picked up a bottle of hand sanitizer and poured it on herself.

What the woman covered in hand sanitizer did next was quite shocking. Pulling out a lighter, the woman standing in the congressman’s office lit herself on fire.

The woman was engulfed in flames immediately, but the shocked staff jumped into action quickly responded with extinguisher as the woman was running out of the office.

The woman somehow survived but with major burns.

The authorities have not identified the woman, but police say that her condition has “stabilized”.

We do no know why the woman walked into the office and lit herself on fire, but anything can happen in Chicago.

There is still no comment from Danny Davis, the 20-year congressman, who was not in the office at the time of the fire.

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