Woman Declares Herself Witch, Kills Cat

witch kills cat

Officers in Denton Texas responded to a call earlier this month of a domestic disturbance. What they found was a very unique kind of disturbance.

A woman’s husband had called in that his wife was having a psychotic episode.

When officers arrived they found her destroying the kitchen. After detaining her in handcuffs, they discovered that the woman had been hearing “voices”. She told them that she was a witch and that she needed to eat the housecat because it was a demon.

The cat had been killed and it’s intestines were removed. They were in a skillet on the stove.
The self-proclaimed witch agreed to be admitted to the hospital. Clearly not in her right mind, it was determined that she been brought in for evaluation.

Pictures were taken of the particularly graphic scene.

The woman was later taken from the local hospital to another health facility by mental health providers.

Denton was also the roaming grounds of a peculiar and rare white fallow deer just in October of this year. The ghostly creature was spotted many times before being captured on film.

Weird deer? Witches? All in a small Texas town? This all sounds more like an episode of the X-Files than it does real life.

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