Will Trump Spark A Culture War?

Culture War

While Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton share talking points about Donald Trump’s “rhetoric that led to the violence” and emotion behind Friday night’s protests in Chicago, something much more raw is stirring within the American public.

For over two decades, minority interests, including feminists, black groups and leaders, the homosexual movement, etc., have been placing more and more pressure on the average American to maintain politically correct tones and actions in dealing with just about everything in life.

The U.S. Government set the tone for a politically correct society when Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 in 1961. The action mandated that government employers not discriminate against anyone based upon race, creed or national origin.

Kennedy’s action was correct in that the government should not discriminate against its citizens; however, it created a system . . . and as with any system, it can be gamed.

Today, Americans opposing illegal immigration, affirmative action, racist policies and preferential treatment toward minority groups are quickly and easily labeled as “racist”, “intolerant”, “bigots” etc.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has stood up to what have become societal norms . . . and may set things back to an equal footing for all.

Trump has refused to equivocate on the issue of Muslim violence and extremism (which is uniquely Muslim – but few are willing to publicly say it).

Trump has refused to allow immigrants who break the law to cross our borders and take advantage of the many benefits they receive as part of the Welfare State.

And notably, Trump refuses to play the gender or race card when addressing his opponents. Women are treated as roughly as men by the GOP frontrunner . . . just as feminists have demanded for years.

Trump is setting a brave standard for the public to ignore the PC rules that have been molded over the decades.

Liberal terrorists like Bill Ayers and even our own president, Barack Obama, have spent decades creating and riding a wave of “white guilt” while creating more and more rules that are purported to end discrimination, but in reality, they provide preferential treatment to any and all groups that are NOT white, middle class America.

Americans are waking up . . . and it won’t be pretty.

While you have probably seen the replay of the older man who elbowed a Trump protester as he was being escorted out of a rally, you likely did not hear about the Muslim student from Wichita State who was punched in the face by a Trump supporter at a gas station over the weekend.

A Hispanic student and his Muslim friend were faced with racial slurs at a Kwik Stop. A man told them, “brown trash, go home. Trump will win.”

A heated exchanged ensued, a punch was thrown and two men went to the ground fighting until the Hispanic student ran off.

What the media will never report on is the reality that reverse discrimination has been happening around the nation on a very regular basis. It occurs in restaurants, parks, streets and gatherings where privileged minorities gather and then as a matter of fun, attempt to ruffle the feathers of regular Americans based upon skin color.

At times these incidents rise to a level of violence, but most times, insults and comments like “stupid white people” are shrugged off to maintain civility.

Today, when the tables are turned and political correctness is abandoned, minorities, who are used to being the ones doling out the uncivil acts, may very well be faced with an American public that is tired of genuflecting out of fears of “bigot” labels.

Like the Hispanic boy at the Kwik Stop who couldn’t take the words of a rude shopper, expect minorities around the nation to respond in a similar fashion. Unlike most Americans who have been trained to “walk away,” the privileged treatment that minority youth have grown accustomed to will be gone in a flash.

A world that is “correct” rather than “politically correct” is emerging where race, gender, faith and sexual orientation don’t matter. Acts and achievement will be the winner of the day . . . and despite all of the benefits and advancement poured upon minority groups over the years, they may not be ready to give up their many advantages.

The only question is . . . what will they do?

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Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.