Will Trump Release His Tax Returns?

tax returns

One of the things the left keeps using against Trump is the fact he hasn’t released his tax returns, but he fought back in epic fashion.

Donald Trump may be relatively new to debates, but he is not new to television.

At the debate on Monday night, his theatrics were on full display and he stuck it to Hillary when Lester Holt kept pushing about the release of Donald’s taxes.

Watch the video to see Trump’s response and his epic challenge to Hillary.

Donald makes a good point. Why does Trump have to release his tax returns when Hillary can’t even give the State Department 30,000 plus emails she deleted?

The emails are the property of the government and she deleted them.

Hillary spelled out some of the reasons that Trump might not release the tax returns, but it seems like only the liberals that hate Trump are worried about seeing his financial statements.

Even though the left want to see the returns, now that Trump said he will show them when Hillary provides her emails, there is a good chance we will never see those returns.

Do you think Trump should release his tax returns? Let us know in the comments below.

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