Will Trump Land His 2020 “Dream Opponent”?

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President Trump has said which Democrat he’d most like to run against in 2020: former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I dream about Biden,” said Trump, in an interview with CBS news. “That’s a dream.”

“Look, Joe Biden ran three times, he never got more than 1%,” Trump added. “And President Obama took him out of the garbage heap and everybody was shocked that he did. I’d love to have it be Biden” to run against.

Biden ran for President in both 1988 and 2008–twice, not three times as Trump claims–but Trump’s correct in asserting that Biden failed to gain any traction in the Democratic primaries.

Biden dropped out before primary voting began in 1988 amid reports that he plagiarized a speech from a British politician, and finishing a distant 5th place in the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucus in 2008, receiving just 0.9% of the vote.

But, as a former Vice President, Biden is already considered a top candidate for 2020–though it’s unclear if Biden, who will be 78 in 2020, would actually run, having famously passed on a 2016 at the last minute to clear the way for Hillary Clinton.

Even if Biden doesn’t run, Trump still feels confident about his 2020 prospects.

“I think I’d like to have any one of those people that we’re talking about, there’s probably the group of seven or eight right now, I’d like to run against any one of them,” the President said.

But he made sure to land one last swipe at Biden: “Biden, never by himself, could never do anything.”

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