Will Michelle Obama Get Her Own TV Show?

michelle obama

Now that her husband will be leaving the White House soon, will Michelle Obama make the move to politics like Hillary or do something else?

Michelle Obama is a generally well-liked First Lady and in January she will be moving and having a new life.

What is she going to do next?

Michelle is trying out some new things in preparation for her big move, and Ellen decided to help her.

The first lady co-hosted the Ellen Show with Ellen Degeneres last week to see if she could have her own talk show one day.

As co-host Michelle teaches a lesson on trash talk and makes fun of her husbands ears.

The show took an awkward turn when Ellen and Michelle went to CVS. It was clear that Michelle hadn’t been shopping in a while and that Ellen can be really annoying. It is funny to watch.

Who knows what is next for Michelle, but doubt she will be taking over the Ellen show anytime soon.

What do you think Michelle will do next?