WikiLeaks For Dummies – Do Your Own Research


Emails, emails, emails… all we’ve heard about for over a year is Hillary’s emails, but now there is a easy way to read what is important.

WikiLeaks has released thousands of emails, and up until now all you could do was search through them by keyword and date and read them one by one.

Now there is a way that you can read the email for yourself and make up your own mind.

Hillary’s campaign Chairman John Podesta had his emails hacked and they have been leaked in 28 batches, almost one a day for a month.

The emails now have been displayed on Vaskal with headings and a brief explanation of the key emails.

There are literally hundreds of important and newsworthy emails but this page focuses on the top 100 or so.

If you have ever wanted to read the WikiLeaks emails, but were intimidated by the daunting task of searching through the thousands of emails to find relevant ones, then there is now a solution.

Click here to read the most important emails from the Podesta files.

If you don’t know much about WikiLeaks, this is a good video to understand how they grew to be one of the most influential organizations during this election.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange offer a service to our country that isn’t provided by our media. That is evident in the corporate media’s attempts to discredit Assange and his releases.

It must also be mentioned that in over 10 years, WikiLeaks has not released any false documents.

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