Why Does The Rubio-Bot’s Words Matter?


Florida Senator Marco Rubio blew it on Saturday night.

The presidential contender who had a decent showing in New Hampshire, placing third, took his talking points too seriously, and even worse, his points made no real argument.

In the most recent GOP debate, Rubio repeated the canned line, “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Why does that matter?

Since the onset of his campaign, Marco Rubio has appeared to believe that he’s running against Barack Obama.

Obama is a lame duck.

If Rubio were able to beat the field for the Republican nomination, he’s likely to face Hillary Clinton in the general election, not the two-term president.

Consultants are notorious for getting into a candidate’s head and forcing them to memorize talking points, but that strategy has backfired for Rubio and he appears to be a man that is unable to speak for himself.

Memorization is great on the lecture circuit but for a candidate under the microscope of the electorate, Rubio appears to be slightly more intelligent than Siri in his ability to think for himself.

Looking to the past damage of Barack Obama’s presidency is pointless if you don’t have a solution to reverse the damage.

While Rubio may have a plan, he fails to get to the second part of his argument, rallying behind his weak war-cry, “Obama did this on purpose!”


What is Marco Rubio going to do about it?

Likely nothing if he can’t prove to voters that he has the intelligence to think on his feet and offer valuable solutions to the nation.