What Obama Won’t Tell You About The Baton Rouge Killer

Baton Rouge

Gavin Long made a phone call on Sunday that lured six police officers to his location in Baton Rouge, and when they arrived, he shot them.

This was another ambush style attack that killed three officers and left three more wounded.

The tragedy is that somebody should have known that Gavin Long was dangerous, because he just didn’t decide to start shooting cops.

Gavin went by the name online as “Cosmo Setepenra” and he did not like white people.

On Cosmo’s YouTube channel, he just recently posted a video claiming he was a member of the Nation of Islam.

In the same video, he decided to express his hate towards “crackers” and spoke about the death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge on July 5th.

Gavin is a former Marine that started to really hate the “system” once he got out of the military.

In one video the killer claims that he would have killed the police if he saw the Alton Sterling murder in person. “If I would have been there with Alton – Clap”, he said on his YouTube channel.

Not only did he hate “crackers” he also saw the difference between light-skinned and dark-skinned African Americans. In one video, long spoke to a few black men to try and “enlighten” them. This is what he said when discussing black libertarian ideology.

“I wrote it for my dark-skinned brothers. If you look at all the rebels like Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X…Elijah Muhammad, they was light-skinned. But we know how hard y’all got it.”

When talking about how to support the black culture, he told the people in the video that they had to buy from black-owned businesses. He said the reason why he thought it was so important to buy from black-owned businesses by using an example of a woman trying to buy carpet for her house, but what if there are no black-owned carpet businesses?

“Who’s she going to fuck with? The cracker, the Arab, the Chinese? These Arabs, these Indians, they don’t give two fucks about us.”

The motives of this man have been clear for a while. He even praised the Dallas shooter after the shootings earlier this month. “It’s justice. You know what I’m saying,” he said during one of his video rants.

It is clear that Gavin Long had a lot of problems and hated everyone that wasn’t “dark-skinned”, but what isn’t clear is how he was able to post online different threats and praise for cop killings and not get caught.

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Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.