What Is The Truth About The Coronavirus?

The news coming out of China about the quickly spreading Coronavirus is somewhat contradictory, and now new information is causing real concern.

CBS is reporting that China claims 2,700 have been infected and that around 81 people have died from the illness that started in Wuhan. 

For an illness that has 2,700 people infected, China has shut down cities, transportation and other services to around 18 million people. They are also building a new hospital in 6 days that will have an additional 1,000 beds. 

Doesn’t this seem a little drastic?

The citizens in China don’t have the same freedoms when it comes to the Internet, but some videos and stories are coming out of the country with some shocking claims.

One nurse claims in a video that there are over 90,000 people infected.

Another video shows a young man talking about how the city of Wuhan is completely shut down and they can’t even get gas and emergency services isn’t answering any calls. 

There is something happening in China, and there are a lot of people in need right now. In the coming days and weeks we might find out the truth about the Coronavirus, but if that many people are really infected, it might be too late.