What Did The Presidential Candidates Do For Memorial Day?

Memorial Day

Hillary took a stroll and didn’t meet with the press in typical Hillary fashion. She and her husband participated in her hometown parade in New York.

Bernie Sanders was hard at work. On Saturday and Sunday alone, he had no fewer than five official rallies and met thousands of people in-between the stops. Bernie is doing everything he can to win California.

Donald Trump spoke to the group of Rolling Thunder Bikers before their annual ride through Washington, DC. The speech was given to a remarkably light crowd because there were thousands of people who were not being allowed in by the local authorities.

Donald begins his speech at the 44:15 mark in the video. Enjoy.

Hopefully while the politicians were campaigning and trying to win votes you and your family had a wonderful Memorial Day. Hopefully all the cookouts and drinks don’t make us forget why we celebrate this special day in America.

Did you or the politicians have a better Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments below.