We Want To Kill You, But Can You Send Some Help?

north korea

Disastrous flooding has hit North Korea hard and the rouge nation is doing something it never does; they are asking for help.

Flooding in North Korea has killed more than people. The flood has killed the ability to grow food in some areas, killed livestock and hope.

The people of North Korea already live in some of the worst conditions in the world. They fight for survival almost daily and many grow their own food.

The flood not only destroyed the way of live for hundreds of thousands, it also destroyed their only means of survival.

Now the Pyongyang is making a very rare plea for help.

Parts of the country are devastated and normally under any other circumstances; the world would rush to help. Especially the United States and our allies, but this situation is different.

Just last weekend North Korea threatened the United States by testing a nuclear weapon.

Should we help?

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of thousands of people that need help and they won’t see hardly any relief from their own government. Nobody should live in those conditions.

On the other hand, how will we know that the relief money or supplies will actually reach the people?

In the past other relief money was funneled to the North Korean leadership and toward it’s military.

North Korea has aligned itself with China, Russia and Iran, but will those countries help?

Regardless of what the world thinks of America, we are the most giving nation in the world by far. We are always willing to help. If our government doesn’t help, Christian organizations will send help or the Red Cross will step in. Although Obama might not send aid, there are millions of Americans that donate to the Red Cross, and that money is there helping the people in North Korea now.

The people need help in North Korea, but because of their government’s direct and indirect actions, it is not clear if the people will ever get any official help.

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