Watch Out For The Bikini Burglar

bikini burglar

If you live in the Santa Clariata Valley area of Los Angeles California you need to watch out. There is a criminal on the loose.

A woman has stolen valuables from several houses has been seen on surveillance video to only be wearing a bikini.

The woman who looks to be in her 30’s broke into three houses and stole some valuables and walked out.

Crimes happen all the time, but not many criminals are wearing a bikini when they break in. This woman was.

There is no word on how the woman made off with the goods, since she obviously didn’t have any pockets to stash them in.

The footage shows her pulling out in a tan sedan, but that is hard to spot.

If you see a woman with a bikini who has a yellow bottom and a green top, robbing a home and stuffing jewelry in her bathing suit, call the police.

The police don’t think she is dangerous, although she was baring her arms.

Please be careful out there, it is a dangerous world.