War! GOP Breaks Pledge To Trump

GOP Breaks Pledge

House Speaker and Republican National Committee Member Paul Ryan took to the airwaves this morning to denounce Donald Trump’s refusal to “disavow” David Duke and the KKK.

As anyone with a pulse has seen over the last 24 hours, Trump has disavowed Duke and racists, repeatedly, even going back decades.

The “KKK-Gate” is a designed attack allegedly originating from one of Marco Rubio’s “dirty tricks” Political Action Committees.

The history and facts of the issue did not stop Ryan from taking to the airwaves on the morning of Super Tuesday to bash Trump as a racist.

Here’s his press conference:

Ryan’s closing comment, “I hope this is the last time I have to speak out on this race,” is representative of the arrogance of 46 year old politician who posed in gym shorts and a goofy red hat just four years ago.

The direct attack is a clear violation of the pledge the GOP made to Donald Trump in exchange for his loyalty to the Republican Party and commitment to support and endorse the eventual nominee.

While there is no need for frontrunner Donald Trump to run as an independent or Third Party candidate as he is positioned to clinch the nomination, KKK-Gate appears to be a pre-emptive attack by GOP leadership to change the rules in order to block Trump from appearing in the general election against Hillary Clinton

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