Voter: Jeb Will Keep Going “Until He Kills His Own Mother”


Former Florida governor and failing presidential candidate Jeb Bush took to the campaign trail in New Hampshire with his 90 year-old mother in tow.

Barbara Bush, who has become Jeb’s chief attack dog against real estate mogul Jeb Bush, has caught the eye of New Hampshire voters, but not in a good way.

In New Hampshire political forums, voters provided their first hand account of Bush’s use of his mother on the campaign trail.

In a post titled, “JEB BUSH the ego driven USER” a voter complained, “We told you in the previous post that Jeb would use anybody to achieve his goal. We especially pointed out that he would even use his mother and lo and behold, here he is tonight in Derry New Hampshire in the front row. Jeb will keep this up until he kills his own mother. This man is no damned good.”

Another voter who was present described the inconsiderate scene, “I was there. Did you notice Jeb’s mother could not get up on her own power? And did you also notice it wasn’t Jeb who went over and helped his mother. No, Jeb ran into the crowd to sign autographs and someone else noticed he shunned his mother and went over and helped her up. What an asshol- Jeb Bush is.

Jeb Bush who has spent over $90 million on his campaign for the GOP nomination so far, is still polling in single digits.

He recently began to appear with his mother in order to sway voter his way.

A CSPAN video of the event in Derry confirms that the presidential candidate snubbed his 90 year-old mother after using her as a political prop.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.