Virginia Bringing Back The Shock Of Execution


The Virginia Senate passed a bill today that will allow the use of the electric chair in cases of execution.

The state has not used the chair for capital punishment since 1994.

The bill, which allows the use of “old sparky” is limited to when drugs needed for lethal injection are unavailable.

Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe is likely to veto the bill if it arrives at his desk.

Opponents of the death penalty and, specifically, the use of the electric chair state that the use is unnecessary as stays are available for prisoners on death row until drugs are available for a more humane execution.

Other means of execution, such as by firing squad were not discussed.

The state of Utah last executed a prisoner, Ronnie Lee Gardner, by firing squad in 2010.

The technique, while cited as cruel by 88% of the public, is noted as the most effective means to execute inmates, and the least expensive as it only requires four bullets and one blank round (so that the gunmen will not know who fired the lethal shot).

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