Video: McDonalds Employees Fight Over Apple Pie


Bernie Sanders and most of the Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to between $12 and $15 per hour. It seems like a good idea right? Not really.

Besides all the economic reasons not to raise the minimum wage that much, here is a video that reminds us why it is a bad idea.

Two female McDonald’s employees in South Carolina get into a heated fight over apple pies.

Tensions can build up at any workplace, but this is ridiculous, and brings the minimum wage debate back to the spotlight. Do people at fast food and other minimum wage jobs deserve $15 an hour?

Minimum wage jobs are supposed to get people into the workforce and allow them to move up.

If someone is making fries and getting paid $15 an hour, that is the same as a professional claims representative as Geico right now. Or a nurse in many places!

It is hard to argue that minimum wage workers at fast food restaurants deserve $15 an hour, but in all fairness, after watching the below video, the people need at least a raise.

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