VIDEO: Man Roundhouse Kicks Woman For Being Pro-Life

Ferocious Kick
The picture above isn't exactly accurate... the kicker in the video was actually a scrawny liberal Soy Boy!

A small crowd of pro-life activists were waving signs and encouraging people to not have abortions when one man swung his foot around and kicked one of the women.

Jordan Hunt, a hair stylist, was fired after he was caught on video kicking a woman protesting abortion. The incident happened in Toronto and the woman, Marie-Claire Bissonnette, is planning on pressing charges after Hunt is arrested.

See the shocking video below.

Bissonnette spoke to the Toronto Sun about the incident.

He kicked me in the shoulder, my phone went flying. I start shouting for someone to call police and before he runs away, he goes up to me and I had a ribbon on my jacket indicating the leader, he tore it off my chest. You would expect someone to start yelling in a loud voice or be very aggressive before they would go and physically assault someone.” – Marie-Claire Bissonnette

The studio where Jordan Hunt worked issued a statement on Instagram about his firing.

It has been brought to our attention that Jordan has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro life rally. We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go. We believe that everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to voice their opinion without fear of physical violence.”

According to the Noblestudio101 Instagram, there have also been “thousands” of texts and calls making “fake appointments” and harassing the business.

People can’t harass Hunt on social media, because he has deleted all his accounts.

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