VIDEO: ANTIFA Blocks Traffic And Threaten White People

The anti-fascist group ANTIFA used fascist tactics to block a Portland intersection and accost white people for being white.

Andy C. Ngo, an editor at Quillette, caught some amazing video of white ANTIFA members calling other white people supremacists.

The scene unfolded last Thursday at an intersection where about 20 members of the radical-left decided to protest.

A woman in the video can be heard telling a man to turn and that he is blocking traffic. Meanwhile, her and her radical-left friends are blocking traffic. White men yelling at other white me, calling them supremacists. As of publication, we have found no evidence of rational thought inside the ANTIFA protests.

Another video captured an older man who was almost attacked and his car damaged by the protestors.

Portland seems to be a hot bed for ANTIFA and anti-American protests. Earlier this summer, many formed a barricade and tried to shut down the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Portland. See the dramatic video below.

When is the left going to denounce the activities of ANTIFA?

What would you do if ANTIFA tried to stop you from going through and intersection in your hometown? Let us know in the comments below.

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