Video: Angry Trump Protestors Surround And Gang Up On Older Woman

Trump Protestors

If all you did was watch CNN or MSNBC you would think that all Trump supporters are violent, racist pigs and will beat up anyone who disagrees with them. (You are smart though because you are reading Liberty News Now.) The image the media portrays is not true.

The truth is the supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are proving themselves more dangerous than even the image of Trump fans.

Watch this video of Beverly, a Trump supporter waiting for Trump at a rally, as she tries to defend her beliefs while being surrounded by hateful Democrats.

She is one tough woman.

Although she created jobs that actually pay people and helped grow the middle class, she was mocked for not creating better jobs. All of this is coming from a group of people who don’t even look like they have graduated from college yet.

Why won’t you see these images on Comedy Central?

Why won’t you see the below video on CNN?


The truth is coming out about the violence on the left and how the youthful energy of the Democratic Party is being used to attack anyone they don’t agree with.

Look at the Nevada Democratic Convention as evidence that the left is in a downward spiral.

This is what happens when you create an oversensitive party that tries to be so welcoming of those who are “different” while refusing to accept anyone who disagrees with their politics? It is a dangerous time for the Democratic Party.

What do you think? Is the Democratic Party falling apart?

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