Two Of Kavanaugh Accusers Have Secret Link

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The Left takes us all for fools - they think we are rubes who will believe anything, to the detriment of our nation and our Constitution.

Two of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers have a secret connection: they once shared the same high-profile, liberal activist lawyer.

Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is currently represented by Debra Katz—who has sparked controversy due to her being a dedicated member of the anti-Trump “Resistance.”

But Katz’s firm also represented Kavanaugh’s other accuser, Julie Swetnick, a decade ago when Swetnick cried sexual harassment against her former employer.

Rebecca Ballhaus of the Wall Street Journal broke the news late last night on Twitter, writing: “New: A decade ago, Julie Swetnick made a sexual harassment complaint against her former employer, New York Life Insurance. Representing her was the firm run by Debra Katz, who now reps Christine Blasey Ford. She was ultimately paid a financial settlement.”

Katz’s spokesperson declined to comment on the shocking link between two accusers.

Blasey Ford plans to testify this morning about her allegations against Kavanaugh, which he denies.

Swetnick’s allegations are much more serious: she claims that Kavanaugh was part of a conspiracy that gang raped girls for years at a series of parties—something that has been called into question, after 60 of Kavanaughs classmates signed a letter saying that those parties never happened and that they didn’t know Swetnick, who was several years older and attended a different school.

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