Tucker Carlson Slams Mainstream Media After New Harvard Study

Is there any truth?

Tucker Carlson, renowned Fox News host, slammed the mainstream media in his show on Friday, after the release of a recent study from Harvard University, which confirmed what President Trump, the White House, and his supporters have been claiming for months now.

According to findings of the study conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, a large majority of media coverage in the first few months of Trump’s administration has been largely negative.

The study discovered that in the Trump administration’s first 100 days, 80 percent of news coverage from the country’s leading news sources was negative, while a meagre 20 percent was positive. This is considerably more than any of Trump’s three predecessors; Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton received 41 percent, 57 percent and 60 percent negative coverage respectively, in their opening months after taking charge, the study found.

“The news media are liberal,” Carlson stated in the monologue of his show Friday. “It’s obvious in the stories they chose and maybe even more evident in the ones they ignore.”

“About the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people who are directly benefiting from it,” Carlson explained. “And that would include progressive activists posing as reporters and the Democratic politicians whose water they carry.”

According to the study, left-leaning news outlets BBC and NBC News gave as much as 93 percent negative coverage in Trump’s first 100 days, which lead to Carlson claiming it was more of “advocacy” and not journalism.

“It’s not really news coverage at that point. It’s advocacy,” Carlson explained.

However, it’s not just Trump that the media dislikes, it’s also the issues that Trump has raised, the ones he stands for, and the ones that Americans voters supported in last year’s presidential race that the media dislikes, according to Carlson.

“The media disagree with those too, and they skew their coverage accordingly,” Carlson said, referring to issues like immigration, which had almost 96 percent negative coverage according to the Harvard study.

White House staffers and Trump have pressed the media for months now, to focus on the more positive news stories and legislative achievements coming from the administration. However, the press has been quite unrelenting in its negative coverage as shown by the study.

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